About BRSS

BR Sensors & Systems was established by Dr Barry Redmond in 2018 to provide consultancy services for product development in the sports and wearables field.

Barry has many years of experience in sensors and measurement systems, including product development and design, hardware and software development, product approvals, pilot manufacture and test. He has extensive experience in creating, manufacturing and marketing distributed monitoring and control systems, wearable systems, sports performance measurement devices, and innovative sensors.

Barry was most recently in Brim Brothers, where he developed a cleat-based power meter for cyclists. The development included motion sensing algorithms to detect crank and pedal angles to ±2 degrees and crank length to ±0.5 mm. It also included a new type of low cost miniature force sensor capable of measuring forces up to 2500 newtons.

He has a degree in Electronic Engineering, a PhD in Computer Science, and a postgrad Diploma in New Business Development. He is a Chartered Engineer, and a member of the IEEE, the IET and the ACM.

Contact Barry at barry.redmond@brss.consulting